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I'm interested in the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18)

I'm an Orthodox Christian who has found a lovely, sparsely populated corner of the internet where Catholics and Orthodox can discuss the apostolic witness in a way befitting a Christian.

Together we'll share ideas, study a variety of things (patristics, Scripture, saints, books, etc.), and pray with/for one another.

Healing has to take place when brokenhearted, separated people spend time together.
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Do you "do" Halloween?

We don't in my household. We always shut the lights off and leave for a night out with friends or take the kids to do something special. It's a bit strange for me having grown up in a family that always did trick-or-treat; my wife, however, never experienced it and doesn't feel at a loss. I loved being batman every single year and getting candy; but, I can't deny, this is no longer THAT Halloween. We have to avoid certain streets in our neighborhood because the decor has gone from cutesy/spooky pumpkins and bats to hellish ghouls and gore. The fear factor has been amped - I would guess for a few reasons, including desensitization and the fact that our world is full of much uglier, demonic realities (or at least demonic realities that are on the forefront). Who knows, maybe it's always been this way? What do I know?

Anyway, it seems that the debate of whether Christians should "do" Halloween at all keeps coming back and getting a bit more intense each year. Every year I seem to find more and more families who are abstaining from any engagement. While with them, I have to wonder if we are doing SOME disservice to our children by shielding them from any experience of fear. I know that at one point, in the West at least, Christmas was the time when we shared "scary ghost stories". I think we all agree that make-believe and costumes aren't the problems.

What about the knockoff versions of Halloween - trunk or treat, etc.? Does that become the same problem as when we do Christian versions of anything else, where they are, inevitably, never as good or as fun and leave kids longing to just participate in what all of the "normal" kids are doing?

What are your thoughts? What do you do in your family? And why? This seems like something we can have a fruitful discussion about.

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Live Streamed on February 3, 2023 7:45 AM ET
The Way of a Pilgrim!

Looking forward to continuing our pilgrimage in the morning!

Live Streamed on January 31, 2023 12:00 PM ET

Going live in 30 min

We have a stream to burn for the month, so we can discuss plans for the future, AMA, whatever you want!

Live Streamed on January 26, 2023 7:45 AM ET
The Way of a Pilgrim

Da Weigh ova Pillgrum

February 03, 2023

Fr Mike Catechism in a Year, asking everyone to pray for unity between east and west at the end of today's podcast. So informative!!!

First ever ADOT interview with Erick Ybarra!

Originally, this was posted for supporters only - but . . . I'm so excited about it, that I've decided to share it with the whole community.

I plan to do these at least once a month. If you want to join LIVE and you want to access them as soon as they drop, please consider becoming a supporter 😬

February 02, 2023
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